The Lucky Leprechaun’s Guide to Slots

The Irish-themed Leprechaun Links slot machine is the latest addition to the Link&Win series of games developed by Microgaming partner Slingshot Studios. The year started with the release of Game of Thrones Power Stacks, picked up steam with the release of Links of Ra, and is still rolling along with Leprechaun Links. Although the appearance of the three slots may vary, they are functionally identical. This implies that all of the game’s statistics, including those for Power Stacks, free spins, and the Link&Win bonus game, will remain the same.

A similarly uninspired collection of visuals is used to promote a similarly uninspired theme. The game places the player in the middle of a mystical forest that seems like it may be from Celtic mythology. The moss covers everything, giving the impression that this woodland has been here for a very long time and has never been touched by humans. Perhaps it is located in a parallel universe. Slingshot has also taken a gentle approach to leprechauns. In most slot games, leprechauns will dance and joke about all over the screen. However, in Leprechaun Links, the only genuine place they show up is on the wild symbol. The music in Leprechaun Link is one of the game’s highlights, as it features a soothing Irish tune mixed with bird songs.

Leprechaun Links is a slot machine with 5 reels and 4 rows, and it has 40 fixed paylines that players may use to win big. Leprechaun Links, like the aforementioned games, offers several RTP settings; the 96.2% version is the one you want to look out for. Although the sights and sound are intended to put gamers at ease, the site has been regarded as’very high’ in terms of volatility, and users here celebrate hits at a rate of 29.63% on average. The game may be played on any device, with wagers ranging from 20 pence to £/€20 each spin.

The paytable is dominated by Celtic symbols, such as clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, pipes, harps, beer cups, bags of money, and watches, among others. Pretty conventional fare, with a payout of 5–7.5 times the initial wager for a successful line consisting entirely of premium symbols. The leprechaun guy himself appears on the wild symbol, which can appear in any position and substitute for non-bonus symbols. Five identical wilds in a row are worth up to 25 times the wager.

Features of the Lucky Leprechaun Slot

The excitement and main winning opportunities in Leprechaun Links come from the game’s three elements. These consist of Power Stacks, the Link&Win feature, and bonus spins.

Power Structures

The Power Stacks indicator, located on the left side of the screen, shows the current Super Stacked sign. The reels are augmented with Super Stacks of this particular symbol. This may be any icon besides the wild and scatter.


The Link&Win bonus round begins after landing at least six coin symbols. All but the coin that triggered the feature disappear, and you get three free spins. When a coin lands during Link&Win, it locks into place and the spins counter is reset. Normal coins have values between 2x and 15x if the Link&Win feature is activated from the main game, while Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond coins are each worth 20x, 100x, 500x, or 2,500x the stake, respectively.

Bonus Turns

If you get 3, 4, or 5 scatters, you win 1, 10, or 100 times your wager, plus 15 more spins. During the bonus round, all prizes are doubled. Additionally, the value of all coin symbols is doubled if the Link&Win feature is used during free spins.

Slot Resulting from Leprechaun Connections

Although it’s still early, it appears like Slingshot Studios has found its calling in life by developing Link&Win powered games, such as Game of Thrones Power Stacks, Links of Ra, and Leprechaun Links. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it, except that they’ve all been in the same spot. The bar was set pretty high by Game of Thrones Power Stacks, but most of the fun came from the theme itself, especially the brilliant utilization of the show’s music and recognized characters. After that, every new Link&Wins from Slingshot has been an exact copy. Rather than the eye-catching Game of Thrones theme, we received conventional Egyptian and Irish ones since repetition dilutes appeal. then has been very little progress when GOT Power Stacks was first added to the reels, and things have mostly gone downhill from then.

Leprechaun Links isn’t a terrible choice if you’re looking for a streak re-spin game with a Celtic theme. Like Links of Ra, Leprechaun Links is a polished creation that offers players an easy way to win big with only a few spins of the reels. The maximum possible payout is said to be 25,000 times the wager, but the 5,000x Diamond prize, which may be triggered during free spins, is still an attractive target. It’s intriguing to think about how someone would solve this problem, as it requires either a huge number of free spins or a large number of Diamond awards.

Since the identical features and statistics can be found in both Game of Thrones Power Stacks and Links of Ra, interest has waned. Perhaps the third time is the charm, and if there is a fourth, Slingshot will go with a more original concept or change the way the game is played. It’s hard to believe that Slingshot would just happen to have found the perfect recipe for their purposes. Leprechaun Links will remain as nondescript as Links of Ra was, which is excellent for them because all they have to do from here on out is change the graphics, but disappointing for gamers who value novelty. However, it operates properly, so thrill-seekers seeking a competent hold and win game should enjoy it here, assuming they can get past the rather forced Irish motif.






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